Why Travel to Transylvania?

... because of medieval towns, dramatic and splendid scenery mountains, haunted forests and cliff-top castles.

... because of the following attractions:

The name of the city is coming from the word of „barasu” , which means fortress. Situated at the foot of Mount Tâmpa, Brasov is a charming medieval town, one of the seven fortified towns settled by the Saxons. The visitors can find here a distinct Germanic flavour in the architecture. The most important attractions, what you have to visit:
- The well preserved Old City, where from a certain point of the city, you can find a wonderful panorama.
- The Black Chruch which has been built in gothic style and called Black Church cause of it has been blackened by smoke in a fire from 1689.
- The hill of the city center: Tâmpa
- The Ortodox Cathedral
- The Jewish Synagogue

Peles Castle
It was the summer residence of Romania’s Kings. It is called also one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. The castle has been built by King Carol I in XIX. century, as a masterpiece of German-Renaissance. The 160 rooms are magnificent; richly decorated with mother pearl, ebony, walnut and leather with crystal chandeliers, paintings, sculpture. You have to see also the large park with statue garden and the smaller Pelisor Palace in Art Nouveau style, which has been built for Carol I’s son.

Sighisoara has been founded by the Saxons. The beautifully preserved medieval town is famous as birthplace of 'Dracula', or Vlad The Impaler. The citadel with the fortress walls dominates the town with nine surviving towers. In the old town you can walk on cobbled streets, between ancient churches and brightly-painted tiny houses. From the Clock Tower, which was the control tower of the main gate you can find a magnificent views over town and countryside. In the simple yellow house what you can find at the foot of the Clock Tower, is known as the birthplace of Vlad and in this house he lived eith his father, Vlad Dracul. Nowdays it is a restaurant with medieval furnishings. By walking on the ancient cobblestone streets you can find interesting little shops and also 'Vampire Wine' and locally made products.

It is one of the biggest city of Romania. It is located in northwestern Romania and it is one of the main economic center of the country. The name of the city comes from latin, Castrum Claus, for the medieval citadel. Most important attractions:
- Unirii Square with the statue of Matthias Corvinus
- Bánffy and Teleki Palaces which are giving place for the National Art Museum
- Mirror Street
- The First Unitarian church worldwide
- Franciscan monastery
- Matthias Corvinus’s birth place
- Botanical Garden
- The „Hazsongrad” Cemetery
- Central Park
- Several squares, statues, museums,

... because of Transylvania is not known just about Dracula. There are historic towns with their cobbled stone medieval streets, defensive towers, fortified churches.

... because of the sports what you can practise here: skiing and snowboarding (Predeal, Sinaia), trekking as well as climbing, hunting, cycling and mountain bike, equestrian tourism possibilities as riding a horse and other various sports in all seasons.

... because of the spa therapy, balneo therapy, mineral and thermal waters, wellness possibilities.

... because of to know the traditons and customs (wood carving, embroideries, fabrics, carpets and ending with painted eggs, ceramics and glass paintings, wood processing)

... because of the festivals, carnivals and other manifestations