Sports & hunting

Transilvania is offering wide range of sport facilities. We would like to make introduce some of this possibilities.

Horse Riding – Equestrian tourism:
The equestrian centers are offering various tourist programs which contain routes or horseback and horse drawn carts or sledges, as well as pleasure riding classes. The routes have been arranged for different categories of tourists. They are offering programs for beginners and also for more experienced. It is possible to choose also daily trips as well as weekly tours.

Cycling – Mountain bike:
In Transylvania you can find good possibilities for biking tourism and especially for mountain biking tourism. This sport is giving you the sense of freedom and you can be closer to the nature. Visitors like this kind of programs because of discovering the hidden beauties of the landscape and getting special adventures in th mountains.

Skiing – Snowboarding:
The mountains of Transylvania offering good ski slopes from novice to challenging. Most known ski resort are Poiana Brasov, Sinaia, Predeal where good quality hotels are waiting for the visitors also with wellness possibilities.

Hiking – Climbing:
Transylvania is mountainous. In the mountains there are innumerable places of natural beauty: mountain peaks, gorges, lakes, forests, caves, mud volcanoes and fossil deposits. It is easy to find a great hiking trail. Rock-climbing enthusiasts can find wonderful places to practise this sport, for example in Sinaia.

Why hunting in Transylvania? Because in the forests you can find wild animals which live free like they made for thousands of years. Wolves, bear and lynx are primeval „inhabitants” of the forests as well as deer and wild boar.

The open season for hunting is:
stag ( 01/08-30/11)
reebuck ( 15/05-31/10)
deer (01/09-30/11)
chamois (15/09-31/12)
bear (15/03-15/05)
wild boar (01/10-15/02)
mountain cock (01/04-15/05)
pheasant (15/10-28/02)
water birds ( 15/08-15/03)

Where to go for hunting?

In the deep woods of Covasna you can find stag, boar, bear, capercailly, wolf, linx, wild cat or fox.

Mures – Angling:
In this part of Transylvania you can find many artificial lakes for fishing. The following most popular species of fish that you can find in these lakes are: crap, crucial, sheath fish, pike perch, perch and others.