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Hotel Tusnad


Price per room: 23 - 43 EUR 20.7 - 38.7 EUR
City: Tusnad
Services: baggage room, massage, parking, sauna, telephone, restaurant, fitness, conference room, internet, 24 hours reception, balcony, cable TV

Hotel description:

About mineral waters in Tusnad area there are written evidences dating from the second half of the 18th century, mentioning the existence of springs with curative effects used by local people for maintaining health. Surnamed “Transylvania’s Pearl”, Tusnad is one of the most beautiful spas in Romania, with balneal activity since mid 19th century. These waters comefrom natural sources and they meet particular criteria regarding physical and chemical characteristics, they have pharmacodynamic effect on the human organism and they are used for therapeutic purposes. The categories of mineral waters in Baile Tusnad are: carbonated, salty-contaiming sodium chloride, containing calcium, containing magnesium, ferrous-chalybeate, containingsodium bicarbonate, hypotonic with an overall mineralization of 0.68 - 17.86 g / liter.

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