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Hunter Prince and Dracula CastleOnline hotel booking in Romania, TransylvaniaOnline hotel booking in Romania, TransylvaniaOnline hotel booking in Romania, TransylvaniaOnline hotel booking in Romania, Transylvania

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Price per room: 55 - 85 EUR 49.5 - 76.5 EUR
Rooms: 18
City: Turda
Services: baggage room, parking, laundry, sauna, bar, safe, telephone, restaurant, conference room, internet, minibar, 24 hours reception, cable TV, air condition

Online hotel room reservationHunter Prince and Dracula Castle

Hunter Prince and Dracula Castle

Hotel description:

Placed somewhere on the boundary between centuries, about when history has defined itself, in the very heart of much keened Transylvania - an oasis of legend and civilization - The Hunter Prince Castle is supposed to be an echo time, a call to recover long ago bygone times. Defined by shape and style somewhere between archaism and modernism, the castle wants to be the bland host of the thirsty and tired traveler who comes here to stay over night and rest. As you pass through the castle gates you are about to rediscover yourself into another world: the old stone, the redden iron and the towers, the armoured knights waving their colours and having swords and shields at their sides, give you the feeling that you've just traveled back in time centuries ago in a twinkle of an eye. Because here, in Turda - for Turda is what we talk about - you are just above to find vivid the story of a prince whose soul you can keep into immortality. The hotel complex has 2 suites, 5 junior suites, 9 rooms with matrimonial bed and 2 rooms with twin beds. All rooms are air conditioned have cable TV, internet access by wireless network and minibar.

RESTAURANT: as you walked in, you are one of the guests of the castle. Even more, one of the knights allowed sitting at the tables. A castle large hall round includes visiting either (a place where, among the hunting trophies, you can let the adventure spirit out and you can enjoy the hunters' traditional foods and drinks) or a dreamlike place, traditional Romanian spot, where traditional Romanian foods and drinks are at their best. But so the large hall round be complete, you ought to visit the very unexampled place; an oldest stone built miniaturized castle, with a room arranged for twelve persons, where prince Dracula can be seen on a stone throne. You can also enjoy the sight of a Maramures artisans' veritable masterpiece: the terrace. OUTLAW'S HUT: in the large hall of the castle you can find a big table carved in solid oak, surrounded by fourteen chairs coated with tacks clinched leather, also carved in the same wood. On the walls of this fir girders room the bears and boars trophies, the Carpathian stags, chemises' and deer's trophies, the capercailzies', pheasant or lynxes' trophies purely invite you in the green forest where outlaws live. In this unprecedented room you can have either spitted lamb or beefsteak sprinkled with plenty of red wine, deer scallop or roasted boar with baked apples, bear paw with pineapple or traditional hunter's food made of stag, bear or boar. And these are just some of the daintiness you can have only in this specially arranged place. Also delicate wines from sunny vineyards like Murfatlar, Cotnari, Jidvei come along these special cooking order to offer the consumer uncommon pleasure. THE BUCOLIC HOUSE is another specially arranged place for 24 persons in the large hall of the castle. Specific Romanian homelike spot, the Bucolic House is built entirely of oak by artisans of Maramures. Here one can have traditional Romanian food like mashed corn Sheppard style, baked eggs with onion and lard, bucolic broth, meat stuffed vine leaves, sheep pastrami, pork with apple, home-made fritters and many other Romanian specialities. A dreamlike fairy-tale place, the Bucolic House offer the customer the pleasure of enjoying noble wines from famous Romanian vineyards. DRACULA'S CASTLE: A large hall round wouldn't be complete unless you see something special, something unexampled. Because only this is how to describe the inner castle built of the old sterling stone, with iron stake windows and resoluteness watched by the two bearded knights. Blood trails are what you can see on the entrance gate where old letters remained scratched on wood as a missive across centuries to warm the visitor not to enter if he fears death. If your boldness bears you beyond the threshold, you'll be thrilled: thick mules embedded skulls and skeletons and frescoes limning scenes in which old enemies of our people are judged, convicted and executed. All these transpose you in the middle of an evil ritual - a weltered history quiver of a nation torn apart by invaders' hordes every once in a while. The large and long table lying in the center of the room is where the gilt beakers stay on; beakers that stimulate long tasters. In this miniaturized castle one can have special dishes like tartar beef or vampire steak and drink red wines like Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot Noir or - why not? - a special one: "Dracula's Blood." TERRACE: A real work of art made up by the artisans from Maramures, artisans who purely vivified the carved wood, creating a dreamlike place where over seventy people can have several Romanian and international dishes. Here too, one can have almost all sorts of well known drinks, that means either the original and delicious Transylvanian "palinca", or the worldwide known as finest liqueurs, champagnes and cognacs. Being on the terrace, one can admire both the garden and the well of the castle, the last built up of river stones, with water flowing around a small stone castle placed in the middle of the well. Tavern: Under the terrace is the tavern, where you can taste a very various Romanian wine specialities. Mostly red wines, but you can find white or rose wine at your taste. HUNTING: hunting areas as a subgroup of The Western Carpathians, The Apuseni Mountains are located in the northwestern Romania, north of the Mures River. The varied relief, with low grounds and depressions along the main rivers that flow trough the area, from a spectacular landscape, with unforgettable views. The hunting areas are covering a large surface of the Apuseni Mountains, and that offers a large variety of gain. Free services: breakfast for the hotel clients, parking in closed, possibility to pay with ban or credit card, internet access by wireless network, cable TV and air condition. Paying services: using sauna, organizing hunter trips, city tour.


Online hotel room reservationHunter Prince and Dracula Castle

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Booking for 1-6 nights: Reservations may be cancelled 48 hours prior to arrival, otherwise one night of accommodation is to be charged

Booking for 7-21 nights: Reservations may be cancelled 3 days prior to arrival, otherwise 2 nights off accommodation are to be charged.

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