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Hunter Prince and Dracula Castle


Price per room: 55 - 85 EUR 49.5 - 76.5 EUR
Rooms: 18
City: Turda
Services: baggage room, parking, laundry, sauna, bar, safe, telephone, restaurant, conference room, internet, minibar, 24 hours reception, cable TV, air condition

Hotel description:

Placed somewhere on the boundary between centuries, about when history has defined itself, in the very heart of much keened Transylvania - an oasis of legend and civilization - The Hunter Prince Castle is supposed to be an echo time, a call to recover long ago bygone times. Defined by shape and style somewhere between archaism and modernism, the castle wants to be the bland host of the thirsty and tired traveler who comes here to stay over night and rest. As you pass through the castle gates you are about to rediscover yourself into another world: the old stone, the redden iron and the towers, the armoured knights waving their colours and having swords and shields at their sides, give you the feeling that you've just traveled back in time centuries ago in a twinkle of an eye. Because here, in Turda - for Turda is what we talk about - you are just above to find vivid the story of a prince whose soul you can keep into immortality. The hotel complex has 2 suites, 5 junior suites, 9 rooms with matrimonial bed and 2 rooms with twin beds. All rooms are air conditioned have cable TV, internet access by wireless network and minibar.

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