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Danubius Health Spa Resort Sovata


Price per room: 40 - 78 EUR 36 - 70.2 EUR
Rooms: 168
City: Sovata
Services: massage, parking, laundry, sauna, bar, safe, telephone, swimming pool, restaurant, fitness, conference room, internet, color TV, minibar, cable TV

Hotel description:

In the heart of the Székely Land, on the western foothills of the Görgény Alps, Sovata stands at a height of 500 m. In this beautiful location lies the four-star Danubius Health Spa Resort Sovata situated only 150 metres from the famous Lake Bear. The spa's pride, Lake Bear - created by an unusual act of nature in 1875 - is heliothermal (heated by sunlight) and its mud and exceptionally high salt content (250 gm per litre) are the basis for the treatments offered (locomotive, dermatological, gynaecological). The lake can be used for bathing from July to the end of August; because of its exceptional properties it is closed for the rest of the year to allow the waters to "recuperate" and restore themselves.

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