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Price per room: 21 - 42 EUR 19 - 38 EUR
Rooms: 136
City: Sovata
Services: parking, bar, refrigerator, telephone, restaurant, conference room, internet, cable TV

Online hotel room reservationHotel Alunis

Hotel Alunis

Hotel description:

ALUNIS HOTEL, which situated at 100 m from Ursu Lake, offers the following room types: 224 accommodation places in standard 2** rooms, 1 double bed rooms or 2 beds rooms; as well as 54 in renovated 3*** rooms, 1 double bed rooms or 2 beds rooms.

All rooms are equipped with: cable TV, phone, fridge, wireless internet. ALUNIS also offers: business and conference center, conference room with 50,100,250 places, with media projector and sound system, modern restaurant with 250 places, cafe bar, pool, halotherapy - Alunis Hotel’s Salt Room. ALUNIS offers the best conditions for different treatments for those suffering of: rheumatic affections, gynaecological affections, respiratory affections.


Online hotel room reservationHotel Alunis

Booking condition

Booking for 1-6 nights: Reservations may be cancelled 48 hours prior to arrival, otherwise one night of accommodation is to be charged

Booking for 7-21 nights: Reservations may be cancelled 3 days prior to arrival, otherwise 2 nights off accommodation are to be charged.

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