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Price per room: 34.5 - 58.5 EUR 31 - 53 EUR
City: Sighisoara
Services: color TV

Online hotel room reservationThe Legend House

The Legend House

Hotel description:

The year 1431 meant the beginning of life for the most beautiful lived in Citadel in Europe, the Saxon Citadel then known as Schassburg now known as Sighisoara "The pearl of Transylvania". On a narrow romantic street in the Land of DRACULA a smart little house symbolically called The Legend is waiting for those guests with refined tastes. The Legend House is situated near to Central Square.

"The Legend House" keeps the fragrance of a hidden love-story between Count Dracula and a beautiful courtesan he perhaps secretly liaised with in one of the 5 rooms existent today. The first room, "The Old Room" is furnished and interiorly decorated with a simplicity that takes ones thoughts back to the style and elegance of long forgotten times. Followed by "The Countess' Room" dedicated to the Count's sweet-heart, a cozy room with the irresistible warmth of an old fashioned bedroom. Then we find "The Medieval Room" which characterizes the sober dwelling style, medieval Wallachian nobility. "The Green Room" which creates a pleasant and familiar atmosphere for the intimacy of quiet confessions.There's also "The Dowry Room" where spiritual riches are impatient to "escape" from a superb ancient chest. The guests of Legened House can eat with 50% of discount in Restaurant Casa Vlad Dracul, which is within 100 meter from the house.


Online hotel room reservationThe Legend House

Booking condition

Booking for 1-6 nights: Reservations may be cancelled 48 hours prior to arrival, otherwise one night of accommodation is to be charged

Booking for 7-21 nights: Reservations may be cancelled 3 days prior to arrival, otherwise 2 nights off accommodation are to be charged.

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