Guesthouse Brasovu' Vechi


Price per room: 44 - 53 EUR 40 - 48 EUR
Rooms: 7
City: Brasov
Services: parking, safe, telephone, restaurant, internet, minibar, cable TV, air condition

Hotel description:

"Brasovu' Vechi" Pension is situated in Brasov town, on Constantin Lacea street. You can arrive to the pension by car or by foot. Constantin Lacea street is further Castelului street, it begins from the Sports Highschool and it ends in Schei district, near the Sf. Nicolae Church. "Brasovu' Vechi" (The Old Brasov) Pension Restaurant is a sunny all day long place and is offering you a special panorama of the Old Town Center, the Black Church, the White Tower, the Black Tower, the Brasov's Fortress, the Warthe Hill and the Tampa mountain and forest. "Brasovu' Vechi" has its own back yard, with beautiful green spaces and a beam tower where you can dine and has its own parking place. Since may 2007, "Brasovu' Vechi" pension has 14 accommodation places in 6 double rooms and 1 studio, 2 classic saloons and a restaurant. Criteria and extra facilities that you will find at "Brasovu' Vechi" are awarded with 5 stars.

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