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Rooms: 5
City: Brasov
Services: bar, color TV, cable TV

Online hotel room reservationPension Old City

Pension Old City

Hotel description:

The Old City Guest-House, situated in the Old City Centre, submits its exterior architecture to the line drawn by the history, but it reinvigorates the old shapes by means of the colour, just to prepare us, the guests, for the indoor ambience which seems to be betrayed by the ornaments met with every step starting from the entrance. Positioned strategically, the Old City Guest-House may stand as a point of departure towards several tourist spots, such as Pietrele lui Solomon (Solomon’s Cliffs), the History Museum, the Weavers’ Bastion, Poiana Brasov, the Black Church etc. Public transport facilities are very accessible in the area.

Made within the precincts of a former Saxon residence which perfectly matches the architectural landscape of the area, the Old City Guest-House wonderfully combines the historical image of the establishment and the modern indoor elements and thus offers both very good accommodation and an atmosphere favourable for “mountain fresh air escapades”. In a combination of complementary colours, the interior of the guest-house is dominated by the sober brick walls, which have preserved the vivid aspect of the reddish hue despite their age. Other rooms which are not sustained on the brick walls have similar nuances and keep the pace with the interior design trend. The rays of diffuse but clear light come either from the oil lamps that have been brought especially to complete the retro look, or from the modern spots inserted in the artificially modified walls, thus reflecting the modern trend of the guest-house. Furnished with modern furniture, arranged aesthetically and ergonomically, the rooms are more than a mere place to sleep. The clean and tidy bed sheets, the TV-set, the working desk and the wardrobe, as well as the modern bathroom all make a useful, cosy and healthy environment for your stay. Each room has a separate bathroom, with modern furnishing and fittings, with shower booths and tiles that match the colour of the room, all meant to offer extra comfort and cosiness. Within the guest-house the access to the rooms, the bar or the dinning-room is very easy, the halls making the connection among them in the easiest way. The accommodation capacity of the Old City Guest-House is provided by the 5 rooms, which can be booked either as single or double rooms, with the possibility of an extra-bed extension for each room.


Online hotel room reservationPension Old City

Booking condition

Booking for 1-6 nights: Reservations may be cancelled 48 hours prior to arrival, otherwise one night of accommodation is to be charged

Booking for 7-21 nights: Reservations may be cancelled 3 days prior to arrival, otherwise 2 nights off accommodation are to be charged.

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