Pension Sara


Price per room: 27 - 63 EUR 24.5 - 57 EUR
Rooms: 12
City: Tusnad
Services: baggage room, massage, jacuzzi, parking, laundry, sauna, safe, telephone, restaurant, conference room, internet, color TV, minibar

Hotel description:

The balneo-climateric health-resort Bãile-Tusnad is a balneo-climateric health-resort at 650 m above sea level. It’s situated in the valley of the Olt river, between Southern Harghita Mountains and Puciosul (Ciumatul), which are volcanic massif covered by fir wood. Bãile Tusnad is the smallest town in Romania. It received the town status in May 1968 thanks to its mineral waters and spa. It was settled up 155 years ago. It gets attention from the population thanks to the miraculous recovery of a shepherd boy. After that a company was constitute to explore the therapeutical effects of the mineral waters. In total there can be found 44 springs, which are used for internal and external cure. As internal cure are recommended for: Cardio-vascular system, Chronical gastrithis (hipoacidic/normoacidic), and Chronical hepatho-colecistites, Digestive system. As external cure are recommended for: Metabolic system, Rheumatic, Cardio-vascular system, Neurasthenia’s, Diseases of the locomotory system. The beautiful environment represented by the Stone of Soimului and its surroundings, the Lovers' clearing, the artificial Lake Ciucas, the mineral bath, the pass of the Olt, Lake Saint Ann. Baile Tusnad lies at the eastern foot of the Piatra Soimilor (848 m or 853 m) and on the western slopes of the Ciomatu-mountain (1301 m). At the way out of the pass we can admire the Bicsad-valley-basin.

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